Monday, February 1, 2010

Hmwok By Pn Zalina~~2Feb 2010

What are the importance of analysis phase n designer phase in multimedia?? here to do my hmwork!!

Analysis phase and Design phase is the pre-production process before the producing a multimedia project.

During the analysis phase,the multimedia developers interviewthe clients to find out their needs and then write out the problems statement and proposal.Later on, they will identify it and find the possible solution.It will enable multimedia developers to set the focus on the project.

Design phase referred to the planning of the design of the multimedia program .Based on the needs of target users, the multimedia developer will design a Flow Chart and Storyboard. In producing a multimedia program,design is very important. The multimedia developers need to choose the colours and layout of each screen and to determine the position of navigation button.

These are my survey on the analysis phase n design phase~~

Done my homework!!!hahaha~~~

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  1. Not bad Chinyee but please don't laugh after finish your homework ok...