Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Owwh…Its quite a long time since my last blog.Hee..Sorry ya Pn Zalina!!

Reflection on my Mid Year Exam Result~~

My mid year exam I scored 61%(B).I feel this is not my targeted result and I felt disappointed too when I saw my marks.I targeted A-.Perhaps I did not study hard enough thats why I got such terrible marks! I promised myself to get better result in my PK 4 and coming TRIAL.I realized that I couldn’t score well in my structured questions.Maybe I did not memorize some of the facts and functions as well.I had done my corrections. I hope from the corrections I had done, I really learn more than before and realized my mistake. I also noticed that the first question in mid year exam paper “State the name of the first generation computer” was asked in the PK 1 2010!! That time I did wrong also~~and now I really remember the answer is “ENIAC”.I bet I will not forget it again!

Lastly I will not give out until the SPM!! I will strive harder~~GAMBARTEH!!

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